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Dateline : 5th January 2010

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Strawberry and Cream (SNC) Decal

Strawberry & Cream (SNC)
SNC-A 185mm RM10.00 each motif
SNC-B 135mm RM5.50 per pcs
SNC-C 100mm RM 2.60 per pcs
SNC-D 30x40mm RM1.60 per pcs
SNC-E 58x30mm RM1.20 per pcs
SNC-F 42x30mm RM0.60 per pcs 

SNC-G 50x30mm RM0.90 per pcs
SNC-H 35x20mm RM0.50 per pcs
SNC-Border 0.70 per pcs

SNC One Sheet RM120
SNC-A 185mm RM10.00 2pcs
SNC-B 135mm RM5.50 3 pcs
SNC-C 100mm RM 2.60 6 pcs
SNC-D 30x40mm RM1.60 17 pcs
SNC-E 58x30mm RM1.20 15 pcs
SNC-F 42x30mm RM0.60 12 pcs 

SNC-G 50x30mm RM0.90 8 pcs 
SNC-H 35x20mm RM0.50 8 pcs
SNC-Border 0.70 12 pcs

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Summertime Pink

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Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each
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