D'Cottage Crafts Giveaway - Sticky Entry

Giveaway untuk semua... senang ajer... Click kat gambar nih.
Dateline : 5th January 2010

Prizes: 2 Winners with RM30 worth of decals , Hanging Heart Hadiah Khas Ini link Giveaway tersebut utk letak comment

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nerveous breakdown or ....

Salam utk semua, saya yang nervous sebab first time buat giveaway or memang clumzyy...

Guess what? Tak check kat dashboard blog ni, I dah set that comments will be moderated. Each and every hour kat office check entry....hehe ... Kay, pada semua yang masuk giveaway tuh, tungguuuu.... ada something special...

Monday, December 21, 2009

D'Cottage Crafts Giveaway

Dear friends,
I'm making my first Giveaway for everyone.

How to join?
1. Be my follower in D'Cottage Crafts and Inahaiqal's Blog. Add me in your bloglist.
2. Make a blog entry about this giveaway in your blog. Link your entry to this page with the Giveaway picture.
In your entry put also the top 5 Rank your favorite decal designs.
            1st : Summertime Pink
            2nd : Pink Delight
            3rd : Cottage Houses
            4th : Jubilee Rose
            5th : Mum's Kitchen Wording
List of decals is here.

3. Make a comment in D'Cottage Crafts , introduce your self and place your blog entry url about this giveaway and e-mail address.

Dateline : 5th January 2010 
Prizes: 2 Winners with RM30 worth of decals (each).

*tambahan .... my heart ( kategori mana, akan diberitau)..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Logo Practice

Can you spot their differences?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Placemat - English Style

2 Tiered placemat, RM8.50 each.

Decoration ideas:
Apart from being used as a placemat placed at dining table, it is also suitable also for pillowcases or dining chair cover.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Join The Beaders Fan Club created by Pn Rosita Jaafar

Ahli yang telah mendaftar untuk menjadi 50 ahli pertama, akan mendapat Jemputan PERCUMA dari pihak FTIMDC ke Pertandingan Sulaman Manik Kristal Piala FTIMdc 2010, yang akan berlansung di

Tempat : Tun Rahah, Grand Ballroom, Yayasan Tun Abdul Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Pada : 3 April 2010,
Jam : 11 tengahari

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mini decoration items for sale

Mini milk container for sale.
Plain - RM6
With decal stickers - RM8 each
Colors available Pink, Blue and White
Size - 50mm based and top

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Blues Decal

Slightly different from a normal decal sold out there... This is blueish group.

Blog Template

As for my references:

1. http://www.ipietoon.com/

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diari Ann, top 10 members

Alhamdulillah, berkat usaha meng-click and constistent browsing kat DiariAnn, di kurniakan hadiah cantek molek ni..No 3 line atas tuh, yellow roses (I wish dapat yg pink, tapi Pn Ann overlooked kot). Pstt.. next contest jangan la block followers yg active mcm saya nih..hehehe...

This special talented lady is the owner for WanitaMelayu.com. The first time I got to know her masa bila ek.. alamak... a branch of my memories dah ilang ni, nak recall the exact date...hmmm somewhere 2007 or 2006?  after I love had grewn with sewing, crafting, embroidery etc.. all through this great forum. Then, there was one tragic moment with the MonsunBiz. Sad story where my RM3K gone! ...Gathering WMC 2008, another memorable event.Then, we had Bengkel Sulam Riben at my house. Open House Hari Raya 2008 pun I went to her house in Cheras. Mana yg dulu, yg kemudian, belakang pusing laa..

She is very talented with crafts, plus her hard work, deligent, strong motivations to be a superb lady in her area of expertise. One thing she would look forward to do is to create a new design every now and then.

Well, looking forward to see her and other friends from WMC this saturday, our galla annual gathering to be held in Quality Hotel on 5th of December. Hopefully I can make it.

Inahaiqal's Blog

Waktu lunch hour today, sempat buat something useful.. Nak createkan link to my personal blog.. Hopefully the animation menjadi... trial and error, cuba test try.. self learning process actually..

I'm trying to seperate the personal blog and this business blog..

Ruang Niaga Untuk Di Sewa

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Customized Felt Tshirt Giveaway

Since dah berjinak-jinak dgn felt ni, everything related to felt I nak melibatkan diri...

Thanks to Craftzone Malaysia created by Maya too... Crafters of Malaysia in one roof...

Back to Hani's giveaway, how do I know her? She is the so-called leader for our Stash Swab, plus, at Craftzone tuh, the giveaway lists is always updated... For fun, who knows it will be your luck..

IF I win (pray..pray..pray..), then I want to the T-Shirt made for Inahaiqal or Qaisara (my daughter)... picture, surely LOVELY ROSE!

Happy Birthday and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

24 November, celebrated my dotter's 2nd birthday. Nothing much.. dinner at Secret Recipe.. Biasa la, when the 4 children are together, outing .. havoc sgt..

Yesterday then only we bought her cake. Again from SR, the brother's favourite, Chocholate Indulgance.

Pinjam gambar kejap...

Salam Aidil Adha to all... drive safely masa balik kg ek...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Senyumlah Seikhlas Hatimu...

Giveaway again from http://ibtisamfarah.blogspot.com/

How to join :
1. Leave your comment at her blog
2. Make an entry in your blog for the giveaway, and in the entry, don't forget to tell what kind of craft that you'll do with the fabrics if you're the winner and please copy and paste the icon above for the entry in your blog..

Probably, I try to make a tote bag, pencil case or just to add my fabrics colleczionss.

This cud be the prize

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sweet Wannur and Comel Bergaya Giveaway

Another giveaway... yeaayeee.

Kategori A --> bloggers
1. jadi follower SWEETWANNURSHOPPE dan COMEL BERGAYA!! (done)
2. link kan kedua-dua blog ini di blog list anda (done)
3. buat entry ttg giveaway ini (done)
4. tinggalkan comment di sini beserta link anda (done)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Felt Mania

Hahaa... as mentioned by Zana in her blog , I became a new felt mania... A new hobby within the range of crafts, needles and what not..

This is one book I bought from her..

I have tried making strawberries, doughnut and even fried eggs. My 2 sons were pretty excited as I sew the egg yolk and stuff batting in.. Picture for those items made will be uploaded later. So, with the books I bought from Zana, more cakes will be baked soon...

Contest Design Label "Jarum Sutera"

Tengah rajin berkarya...

Ni lagi entry utk Contest Design Label " Jarum Sutera" by dUNIA mUSLihA. Kat mana pulak save file yang takde background kerawang tadi ni... haiiyaak

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stash Swap

Another good great activity I'll be doing to add more hectic schedule and programs in my daily lives.

I'm joining this Stash Swap group.. Stash swap ni kita dapatkan 10 nama untuk kita bertukar-tukar barang jahitan/kraf. So apabila da cukup 10 orang, leader akan cabut nama siapa akan bagi stash dia kat siapa, so akan bertukar-tukar la koleksi stash kita.

Stash yang perlu disediakan untuk sesi swap ke 3 sama seperti sebelumnya adalah:-
  1. 10 biji butang
  2. 3 pieces fabric bersaiz fat quarters (18"x22")
  3. 3 pieces ribbon (1 meter each)
  4. 2 pieces felt (A4 sze)
  5. special (suprise) stash dari anda

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Contest Design Label "Jarum Sutera"

Saje2 nak cuba test try buat design label for Musliha...

Mus berniat nak buat contest mereka cipta label butik Mus.. Hehe.. Amacam? Ada yang berminat tak? Ok.. Kat bawah ni disertakan apa kriteria yang perlu ada pada label tuh nanti..

**Cuma guna 2 color.. Background+ Wording.. Background putih + Wording merah.. **Mesti ada perkataan, "Jarum Sutera 012-4577301"..
**Perlu ada something clip art berkaitan dengan nama "Jarum Sutera".. Tapi jika tiada tapi design ala-ala kerawang menarik pun ok juga kan? Ekekek..
**Simple dan menarik..
**Size adalah 10mm x 40mm..
**Sapa nak design ikut idea Mus ni? Perkataan "Jarum Sutera" tuh ala2 dijahit dengan benang yang ada di jarum.. Huhu? Boleh? Alternatif..

Check out the link.

Ni my first sample..

Miezam's Giveaway

Wooo... what's goin on? Am I addicted to giveaway nowadays?

Ok, just click at this picture for the link .... Cuba test try... Break a leg!

Feltwishes Giveaways

Another giveaways this month. As I'm getting into felt crafts lately, this is one of the link to refer to.

This time from talented Haida ...Here goes the link

The first giveaway, this is the priZe.

Second giveaway..sysssts..will be announced on 22 Nov. 
syarat giveaway:

1- wat entry psl product bru sy nih dan bg komen/cadangan anda. Komen/cadangan gak psl produk sy yg lain.
2- Link kn giveaway nih di blog anda supaya lebih ramai org leh join...
3- tglkn link anda di comment box.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Razna's Giveway Beautiful Cecoupage Napkins

This entry is made to participate in a giveways by Razna @ Rileks. She has decorated a range of  beautiful decoupage crafts for herself, for sale as well as for exchanges in WMC.


First give-away from http://blog.raznacreation.com/
Prize ; 10 pcs paper napkin, any size, any price + mystery gift
Syarat penyertaan;
  1. Choose any (10) paten must be ten (10) different code, choose from the shop eg: M001 , M008 ….
        M185, M251, M064, M181, M191, M85, M111, M187, M186, M193        

Tulis satu entri berkenaan give away ini berserta link ( photo diatas mesti dimasukkan) senarai kan di entry anda itu sepuluh (10) tisu tersebut.
  1. Add Razna Creation blog link and this contest page in your entry
  2. Tinggalkan komen disini beserta link ke blog anda. xde blog?
Untuk menukar list hadiah sebelum tarikh tutup giveaway ini. Buat  (1) hingga (4) sekali lagi. Pemenang akan ditentukan dengan cabutan bertuah pada tarikh 14/12/2009.

Akan update dgn list of patterns yg Ina pilih...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Summertime Pink Sizes

Sizes for Summertime Pink Decals

Wording - Welcome , Home Sweet Home

Wording Home Sweet Home
WHSH 3.5cm x 19.5 cm, RM3.80

Wording Welcome
WWelc 3.5cm x 19.5 cm, RM3.50

Wording - Mum's Kitchen

Wording Mum's Kitchen

WMumK1 - 18.5cm x 3.5cm RM3.50
WMumK2 -13cm x 3.5cm RM3.00

Wording - My Kitchen

Wording My Kitchen

WMyK1 - 18.5cm x 3.5cm RM3.50
WMyK2 -13cm x 3.5cm RM3.00
Cottage House (CTG)

CTG-40 Cottage House 40mm RM1.50
CTG-50 Cottage House 50mm RM2.00
CTG-75 Cottage House 75mm RM3.50
CTG-135 Cottage House 135mm RM10.00
CTG-190 Cottage House 190mm RM25.00

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Felt - Craft Makings

I'm saving this Felt link for future references.

Look at these strawberries, how sweet they are... I guess, if it can be done in pink.. hmmm...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Delight Pink Decal

Limited Stock

Delight C Curved RM6.50

Delight F  -65 x 35mm RM2.50
Delight -80x45mm RM3.00

Delight D -100x56mm  RM4.50
Delight G - 65 x 42mm RM3.00
Delight H - 46x 28mm RM1.00
Delight J - 40 x 25mm RM1.30

Blue Roses

Sizes Available

C 110 x 65mm RM5.50
D 95 x 55mm RM4.50
E 75 x 46mm RM3.00
K 62 x 56mm RM3.50
L 43 x 39mm RM2.00
N 60 x 45mm RM3.00
P 15 x 10mm RM0.70
Q 33 x 22mm RM0.90

At the moment, use the pink roses code to identify their differences.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden

(Note : Price is for each design, not all 4)

KTCG A 120 x90mm RM5.50
KTCG B 105x80mm RM4.50
KTCG C 70 x 52mmm RM2.00
KTCG D 105 x 80mm RM4.50
KTCH E 79 x 61mm RM2.50
Round Circled Kitchen RM3.00

i, ii
iii, iv

Friday, October 30, 2009

Html help is needed

Tolong.... saper boleh guide camne nak spacekan between the posting comment dgn new header posting... Kat mana nak editt ni? trial n error belum menjadi..

AYAM oh! AYAM...

Ini utk peminat-peminat ayam jate dan tinooo... Nak deco kat dapur or kat taman..

This one S2504 Cockerel

Sizes available
CCKRL Cockeral B 130 x 110 mm RM7.50
CCKRL Cockeral C 100 x  80 mm RM.3.50
CCKRL Cockeral D  75 x  60 mm RM2.50
CCKRL Cockeral E  85 x  70 mm RM3.00
CCKRL Cockeral F  60 x  50 mm RM2.00
CCKRL Cockeral H  30 x  25 mm RM1.00

Yang ni pulak Barnyard Roosters

Barnyard Rooster A

Barnyard Rooster B

Barnyard Rooster C

Barnyard Rooster D

Barnyard Rooster E

Barnyard Rooster F

Barnyard Roosters Sizes

BRNYD Size 1 98 x 90 mm RM5.00
BRNYD Size 3 55 x 49 mm RM1.60
BRNYD Size 2 83 x 75 mm No stock
BRNYD Size 4 37 x 33 mm No stock
BRNYD Size 5 27 x 25 mm No stock


Sizes available 
 6639-A 118 mm          RM6.50 Round 
6639-B  98x90mm      RM4.50
6639-C  58x54mm      RM3.50
6639-D  58 mm           RM2.00 Round
6639-E  64 x 36 mm  RM1.80 Slanted
6639-F  42 mm           RM1.20 Round
6639-G 108 x20 mm RM1.50 border
6639-H  75 x 20 mm RM1.00 border


Decal - S604 Dot Rose

S604 Dot Rose

Size 20x18mm RM0.40 each flower

*While stock last.
Min purchase for decal is RM20, you can mix the order with other designs.
2 days reserved upon confirmation

Summertime Pink

Summertime Pink

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each
Exclude postage


2 Tiered Placemat

Switch Board

Switch Board
Using Strawberry & Cream Motifs

My little princess

My little princess
Qeestina Qaisara

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet