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Dateline : 5th January 2010

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Monday, September 14, 2009


Summer Bloom Pink (SBP)
SBP-A Summer Bloom Pink 125 x 65mm RM 5.00
SBP-B Summer Bloom Pink 100 x 53mm RM 3.00
SBP-C Summer Bloom Pink 75 x 39mm RM 2.00
SBP-D Summer Bloom Pink 50 x 26mm RM 1.00
SBP-E Summer Bloom Pink 35 x 18mm RM 0.70
SBP-F Summer Bloom Pink 95mm RM 5.50
SBP-G Summer Bloom Pink 75mm RM 3.00
SBP-H Summer Bloom Pink 55mm RM 1.50
SBP-K Summer Bloom Pink Bud 25 x 15mm RM 0.50
SBP-J Summer Bloom Pink Bud 50 x 25mm RM 0.80

Strawberry & Cream (SNC)
SNC-A 185mm RM10.00 each motif
SNC-B 135mm RM5.50 per pcs
SNC-C 100mm RM 2.60 per pcs
SNC-D 30x40mm RM1.60 per pcs
SNC-E 58x30mm RM1.20 per pcs
SNC-F 42x30mm RM0.60 per pcs
SNC-G 50x30mm RM0.90 per pcs
SNC-H 35x20mm RM0.50 per pcs
SNC-Border 0.70 per pcs

SNC One Sheet RM120
SNC-A 185mm RM10.00 2pcs
SNC-B 135mm RM5.50 3 pcs
SNC-C 100mm RM 2.60 6 pcs
SNC-D 30x40mm RM1.60 17 pcs
SNC-E 58x30mm RM1.20 15 pcs
SNC-F 42x30mm RM0.60 12 pcs
SNC-G 50x30mm RM0.90 8 pcs
SNC-H 35x20mm RM0.50 8 pcs
SNC-Border 0.70 12 pcs

Summertime Pink (STP) - ROUND / SLANTED (memanjang) - PALING LARIS!

STA1 Slanted 185 x 105mm RM10.00
STA Slanted135 x 75mm RM 5.00
STB Slanted100 x 55mm RM 2.50
STG Slanted 75 x 43mm RM 1.50
STJ Slanted 58 x 35mm RM 1.00
STK Slanted 42 x 25mm RM 0.70

STD Round 55mm RM 1.50
STE Round 75mm RM 2.50
STF Round 100mm RM 5.00
STL Round 130mm RM 7.50
STM Round 150mm RM 11.50

STC Bud 50 x 30mm RM 0.70
STH Bud 35 x 20mm RM 0.50
ST1 Mug Wrap RM 7.50
ST4 Inner Motif RM 0.70
ST5 Mug Handle (Border) RM 0.70


Jun 35mm RM0.80
Jun 50mm RM1.60
Jun 70mm RM2.50
Jun 100mm RM5.50
Jun 150mm RM8.50
Jun 180mm RM12.00

Sando Rose Pink (SRP)

  1. SRP-35 Sando Rose Pink 35mm - RM 0.50
  2. SRP-50 Sando Rose Pink 50mm - RM 1.00
  3. SRP-75 Sando Rose Pink 75mm - RM 2.00
  4. SRP-100 Sando Rose Pink 100mm - RM 3.50
  5. SRP-130 Sando Rose Pink 130mm - RM 6.00
  6. SRP-150 Sando Rose Pink 150mm - RM 7.00
  7. SRP-180 Sando Rose Pink 180mm - RM 10.00

Summer Rose Violet (SV)
SV-50 Summer Violet 50mm - RM 1.00
SV-75 Summer Violet 75mm - RM 2.00
SV-100 Summer Violet 100mm - RM 3.50
SV-130 Summer Violet 130mm - RM 6.00
SV-150 Summer Violet 150mm - RM 7.00

Village Rose Slanted (VR)

VR-A Village Rose A - 90 x 67mm RM 3.20 (design similar size: B)
VR-B Village Rose B - 81 x 60mm RM 2.70
VR-C Village Rose C - 90 x 45mm RM 2.90 (design similar size: D)
VR-D Village Rose D - 81 x 40mm RM 2.30
VR-F Village Rose F - 60 x 27mm RM 1.20 (design similar size: D)
VR-G Village Rose G - 50 x 24mm RM 1.10 (design similar size: D)
VR-M Village Rose M - 35 x 21mm RM 0.70

Round Village Rose (VR)

VR-45 Village Rose 45mm RM 1.50
VR-75 Village Rose 75mm RM 3.50
VR-100 Village Rose 100mm RM 6.40
VR-125 Village Rose 125mm RM 9.50
VR-150 Village Rose 150mm RM 14.50
VR-180 Village Rose 180mm RM 20.00

Pink Rose Grape
Rose Spray

S3122 Delight Pink

Limited Stock

Delight C Curved RM6.50

Delight F  -65 x 35mm RM2.50
Delight -80x45mm RM3.00

Delight D -100x56mm  RM4.50
Delight G - 65 x 42mm RM3.00
Delight H - 46x 28mm RM1.20
Delight J - 40 x 25mm RM1.30

Jubilee Rose Decal

Limited Stock - JUBILEE ROSE

JR1 2 Roses - RM3.00, 100mm

Limited Stock

JR5 Roses - RM1.00

New Roses

Limited Stock

JR5 Roses - RM1.7
0 (check size 50mm or 75mm)

Summertime Pink

Summertime Pink

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each
Exclude postage


2 Tiered Placemat

Switch Board

Switch Board
Using Strawberry & Cream Motifs

My little princess

My little princess
Qeestina Qaisara

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet