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Friday, October 30, 2009

Html help is needed

Tolong.... saper boleh guide camne nak spacekan between the posting comment dgn new header posting... Kat mana nak editt ni? trial n error belum menjadi..

AYAM oh! AYAM...

Ini utk peminat-peminat ayam jate dan tinooo... Nak deco kat dapur or kat taman..

This one S2504 Cockerel

Sizes available
CCKRL Cockeral B 130 x 110 mm RM7.50
CCKRL Cockeral C 100 x  80 mm RM.3.50
CCKRL Cockeral D  75 x  60 mm RM2.50
CCKRL Cockeral E  85 x  70 mm RM3.00
CCKRL Cockeral F  60 x  50 mm RM2.00
CCKRL Cockeral H  30 x  25 mm RM1.00

Yang ni pulak Barnyard Roosters

Barnyard Rooster A

Barnyard Rooster B

Barnyard Rooster C

Barnyard Rooster D

Barnyard Rooster E

Barnyard Rooster F

Barnyard Roosters Sizes

BRNYD Size 1 98 x 90 mm RM5.00
BRNYD Size 3 55 x 49 mm RM1.60
BRNYD Size 2 83 x 75 mm No stock
BRNYD Size 4 37 x 33 mm No stock
BRNYD Size 5 27 x 25 mm No stock


Sizes available 
 6639-A 118 mm          RM6.50 Round 
6639-B  98x90mm      RM4.50
6639-C  58x54mm      RM3.50
6639-D  58 mm           RM2.00 Round
6639-E  64 x 36 mm  RM1.80 Slanted
6639-F  42 mm           RM1.20 Round
6639-G 108 x20 mm RM1.50 border
6639-H  75 x 20 mm RM1.00 border


Decal - S604 Dot Rose

S604 Dot Rose

Size 20x18mm RM0.40 each flower

*While stock last.
Min purchase for decal is RM20, you can mix the order with other designs.
2 days reserved upon confirmation

Decal 8122 Pink Roses

8122 Pink Roses decal

Sizes available
PR 8122 A 190 x 110mm RM15.00 
PR 8122 B 132 x  78mm RM7.50
PR 8122 C 110 x  65mm No stock
PR 8122 D  95 x  55mm No stock
PR 8122 E  75 x  46mm No stock
PR 8122 H 125 x  45mm RM5.00
PR 8122 J  80 x  73mm RM5.00
PR 8122 K  62 x  56mm RM3.00
PR 8122 L  43 x  39mm RM2.00
PR 8122 N  60 x  45mm No stock

*Please check the stock availability. Minimum purchase of RM20 for decal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More designs

Salam semua...

Ramai yang dah tanya price dan gambar-gambar lain.... Memang tgh mengadap benda ni ajer... tak dapat buat kerja lain... Ni tambahan bunga lagi...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updating the blog info

I'm in the midst of updating my unorganized blog (so far).... At the same time, trying to sort out the decals with their respective code, pictures and prices... It must be the same with all other links.. Otherwise, myself and customers will be terribly confusedd.....

Comments and ideas are most welcome to further improved this blog..

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Decals Coming in

New decal stocks with more variety or motifs and colors will be in around this week. I need to sort them accordingly....

These are among the new designs.. (NOTE: DON'T WORRY...Tanda logo dgn blog tu tiada dalam decals sticker tu nanti, hanya bungaa...) 







Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summertime Pink Decals


(Please note : The color is a bit maroon and dark for Summertime, only the New Bright Summertime has a more reddy colors, but they are sold in one sheet ). 




 Summertime Pink (STP) - ROUND / SLANTED (memanjang) - 

STA1 Slanted 185 x 105mm RM10.00
STA Slanted135 x 75mm RM 5.00
STB Slanted100 x 55mm RM 2.50
STG Slanted 75 x 43mm RM 1.50
STJ Slanted 58 x 35mm RM 1.00
STK Slanted 42 x 25mm RM 0.70
STD Round 55mm RM 1.50
STE Round 75mm RM 2.50
STF Round 100mm RM 5.00
STL Round 130mm RM 7.50
STM Round 150mm RM 11.50
STC Bud 50 x 30mm RM 0.70
STH Bud 35 x 20mm RM 0.50
ST1 Mug Wrap RM 7.50
ST4 Inner Motif RM 0.70
ST5 Mug Handle (Border) RM 0.70

This is the bud (STC and STH picture)

This last picture shows how the sizes are arranged in A4 paper. This is the color for Summertime.

Strawberry and Cream (SNC) Decal

Strawberry & Cream (SNC)
SNC-A 185mm RM10.00 each motif
SNC-B 135mm RM5.50 per pcs
SNC-C 100mm RM 2.60 per pcs
SNC-D 30x40mm RM1.60 per pcs
SNC-E 58x30mm RM1.20 per pcs
SNC-F 42x30mm RM0.60 per pcs 

SNC-G 50x30mm RM0.90 per pcs
SNC-H 35x20mm RM0.50 per pcs
SNC-Border 0.70 per pcs

SNC One Sheet RM120
SNC-A 185mm RM10.00 2pcs
SNC-B 135mm RM5.50 3 pcs
SNC-C 100mm RM 2.60 6 pcs
SNC-D 30x40mm RM1.60 17 pcs
SNC-E 58x30mm RM1.20 15 pcs
SNC-F 42x30mm RM0.60 12 pcs 

SNC-G 50x30mm RM0.90 8 pcs 
SNC-H 35x20mm RM0.50 8 pcs
SNC-Border 0.70 12 pcs

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Decal Instructions : How to apply decal

Application Instructions for Regular Decals

1. Pick out the decal motifs (designs) that you intend to apply. Cut it from the sheet entirely.
2. Place the decal in warm water. The sheet will roll up and then become flat again in 15-20 seconds.
3. Remove the decals from the water. Separate the white sheet from the transfer.
4. Wet the piece. Put the decal on the medium that you want to decorate and adjust the design to the correct position.
5. Eliminate any excess water and air bubbles from the piece using decal rubber or any cloth will do. .
6. Let the piece dry. To get the best design, it is up to your creativity. Mixed the flower motifs with borders and leaves to enhance your final product.

Monday, October 19, 2009


My house was clean, RM35

Mini Watering Can

Mini Watering Can
Only available in cream color.
RM8 with decal (flowers and other motiffs)
RM6 plain can

SummerBloom Pink Decal

Summer Bloom Pink (SBP)

SBP-A Summer Bloom Pink 125 x 65mm RM 5.00
SBP-B Summer Bloom Pink 100 x 53mm RM 3.00
SBP-C Summer Bloom Pink 75 x 39mm RM 2.00
SBP-D Summer Bloom Pink 50 x 26mm RM 1.00
SBP-E Summer Bloom Pink 35 x 18mm RM 0.70
SBP-F Summer Bloom Pink 95mm RM 5.50
SBP-G Summer Bloom Pink 75mm RM 3.00
SBP-H Summer Bloom Pink 55mm RM 1.50
SBP-K Summer Bloom Pink Bud 25 x 15mm RM 0.50
SBP-J Summer Bloom Pink Bud 50 x 25mm RM 0.80

Banner Penaja Get2Gether WMC 2009

WMC Get2Gether 2009 will be held on 5th December 2009. As part of the committee and sponsor for the event, this banner is created for such..

For any purchase of RM100, you will be entitled for one Lucky Draw coupon. The winners will be announced on 1st of December 2009 and prices will be given during the gathering).

Summertime Pink

Summertime Pink

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each
Exclude postage


2 Tiered Placemat

Switch Board

Switch Board
Using Strawberry & Cream Motifs

My little princess

My little princess
Qeestina Qaisara

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet