D'Cottage Crafts Giveaway - Sticky Entry

Giveaway untuk semua... senang ajer... Click kat gambar nih.
Dateline : 5th January 2010

Prizes: 2 Winners with RM30 worth of decals , Hanging Heart Hadiah Khas Ini link Giveaway tersebut utk letak comment

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nerveous breakdown or ....

Salam utk semua, saya yang nervous sebab first time buat giveaway or memang clumzyy...

Guess what? Tak check kat dashboard blog ni, I dah set that comments will be moderated. Each and every hour kat office check entry....hehe ... Kay, pada semua yang masuk giveaway tuh, tungguuuu.... ada something special...

Monday, December 21, 2009

D'Cottage Crafts Giveaway

Dear friends,
I'm making my first Giveaway for everyone.

How to join?
1. Be my follower in D'Cottage Crafts and Inahaiqal's Blog. Add me in your bloglist.
2. Make a blog entry about this giveaway in your blog. Link your entry to this page with the Giveaway picture.
In your entry put also the top 5 Rank your favorite decal designs.
            1st : Summertime Pink
            2nd : Pink Delight
            3rd : Cottage Houses
            4th : Jubilee Rose
            5th : Mum's Kitchen Wording
List of decals is here.

3. Make a comment in D'Cottage Crafts , introduce your self and place your blog entry url about this giveaway and e-mail address.

Dateline : 5th January 2010 
Prizes: 2 Winners with RM30 worth of decals (each).

*tambahan .... my heart ( kategori mana, akan diberitau)..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Logo Practice

Can you spot their differences?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Placemat - English Style

2 Tiered placemat, RM8.50 each.

Decoration ideas:
Apart from being used as a placemat placed at dining table, it is also suitable also for pillowcases or dining chair cover.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Join The Beaders Fan Club created by Pn Rosita Jaafar

Ahli yang telah mendaftar untuk menjadi 50 ahli pertama, akan mendapat Jemputan PERCUMA dari pihak FTIMDC ke Pertandingan Sulaman Manik Kristal Piala FTIMdc 2010, yang akan berlansung di

Tempat : Tun Rahah, Grand Ballroom, Yayasan Tun Abdul Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Pada : 3 April 2010,
Jam : 11 tengahari

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mini decoration items for sale

Mini milk container for sale.
Plain - RM6
With decal stickers - RM8 each
Colors available Pink, Blue and White
Size - 50mm based and top

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Blues Decal

Slightly different from a normal decal sold out there... This is blueish group.

Blog Template

As for my references:

1. http://www.ipietoon.com/

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diari Ann, top 10 members

Alhamdulillah, berkat usaha meng-click and constistent browsing kat DiariAnn, di kurniakan hadiah cantek molek ni..No 3 line atas tuh, yellow roses (I wish dapat yg pink, tapi Pn Ann overlooked kot). Pstt.. next contest jangan la block followers yg active mcm saya nih..hehehe...

This special talented lady is the owner for WanitaMelayu.com. The first time I got to know her masa bila ek.. alamak... a branch of my memories dah ilang ni, nak recall the exact date...hmmm somewhere 2007 or 2006?  after I love had grewn with sewing, crafting, embroidery etc.. all through this great forum. Then, there was one tragic moment with the MonsunBiz. Sad story where my RM3K gone! ...Gathering WMC 2008, another memorable event.Then, we had Bengkel Sulam Riben at my house. Open House Hari Raya 2008 pun I went to her house in Cheras. Mana yg dulu, yg kemudian, belakang pusing laa..

She is very talented with crafts, plus her hard work, deligent, strong motivations to be a superb lady in her area of expertise. One thing she would look forward to do is to create a new design every now and then.

Well, looking forward to see her and other friends from WMC this saturday, our galla annual gathering to be held in Quality Hotel on 5th of December. Hopefully I can make it.

Inahaiqal's Blog

Waktu lunch hour today, sempat buat something useful.. Nak createkan link to my personal blog.. Hopefully the animation menjadi... trial and error, cuba test try.. self learning process actually..

I'm trying to seperate the personal blog and this business blog..

Ruang Niaga Untuk Di Sewa

Summertime Pink

Summertime Pink

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each

Variety of Fridge Magnets RM4 each
Exclude postage


2 Tiered Placemat

Switch Board

Switch Board
Using Strawberry & Cream Motifs

My little princess

My little princess
Qeestina Qaisara

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet

Medium Carpet 3x4.5 feet